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Vincent D’Onofrio becomes Kingpin

Date: 11/06/2014 | No comments

NetflixNetflix recently revealed that it was starting its own superhero series, entitled ‘Daredevil’. Chronicled after the heroics of the famous blind super hero, the show is likely to follow suit after a number of different superhero based shows have seen positive repute (read: Arrow). Daredevil’s biggest villain in the series is Kingpin, the highly overweight, bald man who has control over all of the drugs that tend to flow in and out of the city. Marvel has now announced that it has cast Vincent D’onofrio as the primary villain of the series; the Kingpin. D’Onfrio’s character will go head to head against the titular hero of the series, the alter ego of the blind attorney Matt Murdock, Daredevil.

D’Onofrio is 54 years of age, and has a number of distinctive roles under his belt. He has been known for playing a role in the famous US based series ‘Law and Order’, while he also played a part in Stanley Kubrick’s famous movie, ‘Full Metal Jacket’. At present, Vincent D’Onofrio is filming the ‘Jurrasic World’ movie, which is set for release next year. Netflix signed a contract with Marvel to release five different series, and Daredevil is the first series to get the greenlight. The next four series are likely to be based upon the characters of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist while the fifth season is going to bring them all together, in order to form the Defenders. The latest series is likely to be released by next year, or even 2016. The role of Daredevil will be played by Charlie Cox, the famous British actor who earned his big hit with Stardust, a movie that went on to win a number of awards. It is likely that the show will be released in the same manner as House of Cards; a full season in one go.

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