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The Crown to be Netflix’s first original drama

Date: 05/06/2014 | No comments

QueenWorld famous online based video streaming service Netflix is all set to order its first ever, original drama series by the name of the Crown. The Crown’s budget is set to be around the 100m GBP mark, and the drama is going to be based upon the life of the Queen. The script of the drama will be written by Peter Morgan, who was also credited as the writer of the original 2006 film, The Queen as well as the stage play that was recently introduced; The Audience. Director Stephen Daldry is also going to be featuring in the production of the drama series. At present, there is no news whether Dame Helen Mirren, who starred in the original 2006 movie, is going to be involved in the drama series.

Netflix has forged a major niche for itself in the market, and already has a successful line of shows under its belt. The jewel in the crown, House of Cards, has received numerous awards and is one of the most popular shows in the world at present. Netflix also recently introduced another show, by the name of Orange is the New Black. The company follows a different policy of releasing shows as compared to standard cable operators. Rather than air weekly episodes, the company releases whole seasons basied in one go, which can be viewed as per the choice of the user.

The Crown shall be produced by Left Bank Pictures, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television. It is understood that the company has all but completed the deal with Netflix. Other operators such as the BBC and ITV have both expressed a keen interest in the show, which is expected to chart the reign of Queen Elizabeth II’s from the moment when she succeeded her father to the throne at the age of 26, up till the present day.

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