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Streaming service Netflix acquires exclusive documentaries

Date: 11/05/2014 | 1 comment

Brave Miss WorldThe selection of documentaries on Netflix is already extensive, but now the streaming service has acquired the exclusive rights for five new documentaries. Here you can read about the five coming documentaries.

In the documentary E-Team, we follow Anna, Ole, Fred and Peter who is a part of the rescue team – or E-Team, that has been put together by a respected human rights organization. As soon as rumors rise about events where the human rights have been broken, the E-Team leaves to document the accusations and further investigate. They confront the responsible and make sure that the world leans about the horrifying infringements. E-Team will premiere in late 2014.

The Battered Bastards of Baseball
In 1972 the actor Bing Russell created an independent Baseball team, who got a lot of attention in the smaller leagues in the 1970’s. The documentary The Battered Bastards of Baseball tells the story of this amazing team. It will be available on Netflix from mid. July.

Mission Blue
In this Netflix exclusive documentary, you follow the legendary marine biologist and conservationist Sylvia Earle, and her fight to protect the worlds marine reserves from pollution and overfishing. Mission Blue is set to premiere on Netflix in August.

Print the Legend and Brave Miss World
Netflix will also air Print the Legend, a documentary about 3D printing and how it is expected to revolutionize the world. Brave Miss World is a story about the life of Linor Abargil, who is kidnapped, raped and assaulted with a knife – just weeks before she wins Miss World 1998. Brave Miss World will be available on Netflix in late May. There is not yet a specific release date for Print the Legend, but it is expected to air in 2014.

Last year Netflix announced their plans to expand their catalogue of exclusive documentaries, as it is an area it’s main competitors does appear to have a big interest in.

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  1. Caio - 4:13 am, 03-04-2015:

    Ok let me start off by wiping the tears away ..Jessica wainhtcg this video makes me think back on all the years we grew up together an how you have become to be such a beautiful young lady!! Jerome, you are an amzing person that i have become to know and that has recently been added to our big family. I still consider Jess my sister no matter what! LOL, You all are perfect together and this film is AMAZING Did I say amazing?? I wish you both LOVE, LAUGHTER and a happy marriage! THis video is awesome and I’m looking very forward to seeing the rest.. LOve you guys!!

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