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Series Season Release Guide for Netflix UK

Date: 15/01/2014 | 78 comments

Netflix members often ask when new seasons of popular TV shows are to be released on Netflix, though answers are rare. While Netflix announce their original series in good time, other shows are not announced until they are actually available to stream. To help answer the many questions on release dates, this page contains our estimates on when next season (already aired) will be available on Netflix UK. Estimates are based on Netflix history and rumours:

Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove Season 2Season 2
Available on Netflix UK: July 11, 2014




Modern Family

Modern Family Season 3Season 3
Aired on ABC: September 21, 2011
Available on DVD: October 1, 2012
Available on Netflix: mid-2014

Season 4
Aired on ABC: September 26, 2012
Available on DVD: October 1, 2013
Available on Netflix: mid-2014

Season 5
Aired on ABC: September 25, 2013
Available on DVD: mid-2014
Available on Netflix: mid-2015



The Killing

The KillingSeason 3
Aired on AMC: June 2, 2013
Available on DVD: mid-2014
Available on Netflix UK: late-2014

Season 4
Available on Netflix UK: early-2015



Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Season 5Season 5
Aired on FX: September 11, 2012
Available on DVD: September 30, 2013
Available on Netflix UK: March 25, 2014

Season 6
Aired on FX: September 10, 2013
Available on DVD: mid-2014
Available on Netflix: mid-2015



Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5Season 5
Aired on The CW: October 3, 2013
Available on DVD: August 25, 2014
Available on Netflix UK: early-2015




White Collar

White Collar Season 4Season 4
Aired on USA Network: July 10, 2012
Available on DVD (region 1): October 8, 2013
Available on Netflix UK: late-2014

Season 5
Aired on USA Network: October 17, 2013
Available on DVD: late-2014
Available on Netflix UK: late-2015

78 comments for Series Season Release Guide for Netflix UK

  1. Mezy - 12:13 am, 10-03-2014:

    Can you please hurry up and bring white collar season 4 and 5 to Netflix uk earlier than late 2014? Thanks in advance

  2. lisa - 11:16 pm, 22-03-2014:

    Why is it that your date for white collar season 4 release on Netflix’s is approx 1 year after the DVD and 2 years after tv release that’s rubbish maybe time to switch to a different provider if you cant improve on this sort of time scale for adding series as your service doesn’t seem much cop!

  3. admin - 9:20 am, 23-03-2014:

    Lisa, its a rough estimate – take it as a guideline until something official is communicated.

  4. Amanda - 3:50 pm, 25-03-2014:

    Great news about Sons of Anarchy series 5 on Netflix now :) finished series 4 last night and thought I would be waiting a while

  5. kallan - 10:59 pm, 25-03-2014:

    To be honest if netflix doesn’t improve the release dates for the UK audience then they need to reduce the cost. I’m fairly sure americans pay less for the service they get twice as many shows and get them between 6-12 months earlier than us…

    This just isn’t right.

  6. Alison - 9:08 pm, 04-04-2014:

    Yeah, it really sucks that Netflicks UK is an entire year behind the U.S. I didn’t even like the first season of this show, but I suck with it, and got addicted. Now I can’t watch it for another year?!!! :-/ I’m tempted to ditch Netflicks and just buy the DVD’s.

  7. Messiah - 4:04 am, 11-04-2014:

    Hey guys, it’s a simple matter to access US Netflix content from abroad. All you have to do is use Google Chrome as your browser and activate the Media Hint extension. Netflix now can’t tell you’re outside the US. It’s really that simple. When you want your local content again simply turn Media Hint off again.

    You’re welcome.

  8. Da Mowwa - 11:18 am, 21-04-2014:

    Cheers, really helpful. I’ve been watching Modern Family series 1+2 for 18 months

  9. ChrisM - 5:48 pm, 23-04-2014:

    How can you expect to retain paying subscribers when you can’t even offer them relatively up to date shows of their favourite tv shows? I understand there are laws and hinderances to overcome but offering, for example, series 6 of SOA almost 2 years after it aired on tv is a joke. I pay to use netflix and right now I am not entirely sure what I get for my money.

  10. Steven - 7:50 pm, 11-05-2014:

    Thanks for the update on white collar!! Just wish it was sooner!! Ha ha

  11. Nicola - 6:25 pm, 15-05-2014:

    I’m of the same thinking as Chris M, what am I paying my subscription for? I watched suits and have to wait for the next season to come on and I’ve watched white collar and have to wait. Suits is on amazon as well as Dave on sky. I may as well cancel it as other channels and online streaming seem to show the same shows and will no doubt get the new series before netflix

  12. Kay - 12:37 am, 21-05-2014:

    I’d really love it if instead of terrible B movies we actually got more variety of decent modern or cult TV shows. the removal of South Park and Daria to be replaced with crap was quite annoying. Also the more recent seasons of Modern Family would be great. or more than just the first 3 seasons of Weeds (THERE IS 8!!!) would be good.

  13. Chris R. - 10:23 am, 27-05-2014:

    In desperate need of Modern Family season 3 & 4…….will it be soon?

  14. ollie - 3:49 am, 02-06-2014:

    Why do we have to wait so long for season 6 of sons of anarchy?

  15. dewi - 2:10 pm, 12-06-2014:

    Is that the modern family release date for UK?

  16. Linda - 10:44 pm, 18-06-2014:

    What do you class as mid? It’s now nearly July and still no modern family season 3 or 4

  17. Matthew - 1:25 pm, 25-06-2014:

    Why is season 6 of sons of anarchy so long to come on netflix. Im almost done with 5 so please hurry!!

  18. Kat - 9:37 pm, 26-06-2014:

    Why so long for sons of anarchy?!

  19. Paul - 10:45 pm, 29-06-2014:

    How long for modern family? It is almost past mid 2014 and still nothing. Seems bad that there have been another 3 seasons released and Netflix are still only showing 1 and 2!!

  20. michelle - 10:50 am, 01-07-2014:

    When will season 3,4 and 5 of suit be on netflix uk?

  21. Family - 10:15 am, 06-07-2014:

    It is mid-2014!! When will Modern Family Season 3 be on Netflix???

  22. Tracy - 4:55 pm, 07-07-2014:

    Agree with Paul and Family, it is past mid 2014 and still no modern family 3 or 4? Has the release date been altered?

  23. admin - 8:14 am, 10-07-2014:

    This is not official release dates, but estimates from Flixfilm. We havent heard anything new about the release yet, why we might have to correct expectations.

  24. Sacha - 9:28 pm, 07-07-2014:

    When will season 4/ season 5 of white collar be released I am addicted to the show and can’t I a day without watching it!!!! Which month will it come out on the uk Netflix because late 2014 is a bit rough… Thanks I just wish it would hurry up!!!

  25. Sophie - 11:29 am, 08-07-2014:

    I know you use your dates as a guideline, but what do you class as mid 2014? Been patiently waiting for Modern Family now for ages, there’s been 3 seasons since, about time 3 and 4 get on there. Any ideas Admin?

  26. admin - 8:13 am, 10-07-2014:

    Sorry, we havent seen any indication it is coming. We might have to correct expectations.

  27. jenny - 12:28 am, 17-07-2014:

    I’m waiting for more modern family episodes too. As others have said its mid 2014 now… but what’s been done to chase up these requests? Sounds like there are quite a few subscribers not happy with the service at the moment.

  28. James - 4:29 pm, 19-07-2014:

    When will seasons 8 & 9 of The Office US be on Netflix UK? Also any more info on Modern Family release details?

  29. kaybe - 12:54 am, 20-07-2014:

    Please can you tell me when you are going to up date new episodes of: vampire diaries. White collar. Lost girl. And many more that are now at least 2 to 3 season’s behind. Im uk member we wait for ages to have them up dates. Please explain. Many thanks.

  30. michelle,danny & michael - 1:10 pm, 22-07-2014:

    modern family seasons 3+…… pleeaase!!!

  31. Linda - 7:59 am, 31-07-2014:

    Hi I am in aggreement with most of your other customers modern family 3 & 4 you should be giving us a date when this will be coming fed up waiting!

  32. Matt - 11:36 am, 31-07-2014:

    Sons of anarchy season 6 is now available on iTunes, dvd and blue ray in the uk… When are we likely to see it on here please?

  33. Jake - 12:02 am, 05-08-2014:


  34. Adam - 5:42 pm, 06-08-2014:

    I just finished as far a season five of sons of anarchy and do you really expect me two wait to years to watch season 6 that’s a load of horse shit and I may contemplate cancel my membership because of it

  35. andrea - 11:59 pm, 06-08-2014:

    Its now august netflix is there any sign of series 3 modern family yet please?

  36. Guy Smith - 5:48 pm, 16-08-2014:

    Why do Netflix users in the UK have to put up with an inferior amount of shows? I’m still waiting for Modern Family season 3! Sort it out Netflix! It is way past ‘mid 2014, and you still have that on your site! Do you actually give a hoot about keeping your subscribers informed?

  37. Peach - 3:00 pm, 18-08-2014:

    Mid-2104 is kinda vague which I didn’t mind when I was on the early side of it.. now that it’s mid-August I can’t understand why there is STILL no Season 3 of Modern Family. In fact, you’ve said mid-2014 for BOTH season 3 and 4. You said you might have to ‘correct expectations’ way back in early July.. as you haven’t corrected them and I still can’t see any new Modern Family, you can understand why I’m way beyond frustrated. Any update?

  38. Gary - 7:36 pm, 25-08-2014:

    When will covert affairs season 4 be on Netflix uk?

  39. Jamie - 5:24 pm, 27-08-2014:

    I read they are removing modern family season 1 and 2 on the 1st of September, so if it isn’t replaced with season 3 and 4 I’m cancelling.

  40. kaitlyn - 9:41 pm, 28-08-2014:

    Right im not happy you told us all mid 2014 and its coming up to September. if your going to say a date please stick to it and if you need longer than tell us. there are loads of people that pay for netflix and dont get what they ask for please get the latest series gor all TV programs e.g modern family, only way is essex and kids programs. Thanks

  41. matthew - 7:11 pm, 02-09-2014:

    i’m not happy i have been waiting for months for modern family season 3 and 4 firstly when the hell is mid 2014 secondly people are sick of you for letting this people wait for months and thirdly if you don’t put it on i am canceling netflix i am not joking ;(

  42. ryan - 4:16 pm, 03-09-2014:


  43. Jake - 11:22 am, 07-09-2014:

    Modern family has been removed from netflix. :(

  44. Lisa - 5:01 pm, 09-09-2014:

    I was just coming on to ask where Modern Family has gone?

  45. Lara - 9:50 pm, 09-09-2014:

    Flixfilm you might want to get your facts right as instead of Season 3 and 4 of Modern Family being uploaded, Netflix have kindly decided to remove it without an explanation – might see a drop in profits this quarter Netflix as subscribers decide your service is crap

  46. T. - 6:56 pm, 12-09-2014:

    We need Orphan Black season 2!!

  47. beth - 8:17 am, 23-09-2014:

    when is season 3 of suits coming to netflix uk please?

  48. Jetsixty - 6:02 pm, 29-09-2014:

    White Collar Season 4 has been added However have to wait another year for S5 and it was quite the cliff hanger

  49. Louise - 4:44 pm, 30-09-2014:

    When is The Originals season 2 out?

  50. Amanda - 5:42 pm, 01-10-2014:

    Why is it such a long wait for the Vampire Diaries season five. And all this mid 2014 stuff. It’s October and nothing has been updated. Why???m

  51. R84 - 8:07 pm, 02-10-2014:

    Amanda, it says late 2015?!?! Id heard Sept, then today and still no sign. Now I hear LATE 2015 Im thinking I’ll look elsewhere. Another year seems excessive.

  52. R84 - 8:08 pm, 02-10-2014:

    sorry, early 2015

  53. Lauren - 12:53 pm, 03-10-2014:

    this isn’t fair the British want the vampire diaries to be aired on Netflix the same day as the American if that is possible it would be great.

  54. Catherine - 4:06 pm, 03-10-2014:

    Im pretty sure season 5 of The Vampire Diaries comes out on US netflix in early October, why on earth does the UK have to wait until early 2015?! Rediculous.

  55. Jake - 6:14 pm, 04-10-2014:


    I’ve just spoke to Netflix about why they removed modern family. They told me they have lost th stream ping license for the show but since it is one of their most popular shows they are working very hard to get tit back. The worker I was speaking to said he thinks it will be back sooner than later. I asked him how long, he said there is no date but he expects a few weeks at the most.

  56. Craig - 11:00 pm, 08-10-2014:

    Season 8 of US office dates pls

  57. Derek Hunter - 4:45 pm, 13-10-2014:

    Come on Netflix get modern family season 3 on or I’m off :-(

  58. Jade - 10:32 pm, 14-10-2014:

    Pretty cruddy that “early 2015” for season 5 of vampire diaries. £6.99 a month and we have half as many things on it than the U.S. Get it together Netflix.

  59. Gabby - 6:02 am, 22-10-2014:

    Pretty rubbish that sequel films only have 1 film, not once have I seen all of the films, plus sometimes it will only be the second film?? And as for T.V.D, I only joined to catch up, and it won’t be out til ’15, when the DVD release is already out.
    Not as great as I thought you were Netfix, please sort this.

  60. Georgia - 5:59 pm, 22-10-2014:

    What date in 2015 will season 5 of the vampire diaries come on to Netflix?

  61. Georgia - 6:00 pm, 22-10-2014:

    When will the only way is Essex series 11-12 be on

  62. Aimee - 8:12 pm, 23-10-2014:

    can you please put vampire diaries on Netflix UK earlier PLEASE

  63. AIMEE - 8:21 pm, 23-10-2014:

    can you please put vampire diaries on Netflix UK earlier and if not what date in ‘early 2015’ will it be ???????

  64. gina mcveigh - 11:41 am, 29-10-2014:

    hey not happy with netflix, season 5 vampire diaries wen is it gonna be on, came out on dvd 2 days ago so why do we have to wait, gonna give up subscription me thinks

  65. paul - 2:29 am, 30-10-2014:

    really not happy with netflix at the moment. i have noticed we in the uk get shows almost 6-9 months after the usa. we have to wait till mid 2015 for SOA while they get season 6 while 7 is still on tv same with arrow.

  66. Mrs Michelle McCumesky - 11:51 pm, 30-10-2014:

    For the price of 2mths subscription I could buy Vampire diaries season 5 box set and watch it months before netflix show it!! ….. Look in eBay fellow VP fans and cancel your subscription. That’s what I’m doing cos NF has gone absolute garbage!! …. For a little extra too you can get sky entertainment package if you watch more than one seasonal programme like the origionals 2nd series which is just started showing on syfy 😉 …… It will probably late 2017 before its shown on Netflix lol

  67. Larna - 10:36 am, 02-11-2014:

    Why do we have to wait til 2015 for the vpire diaries season 5 when America already have it? I’ve been waiting ages and maybe long enough ! It’s unfair and need to be put on for viewers, also the originals season2 still isn’t on!! Thank you

  68. oliviaauld - 5:51 pm, 06-11-2014:

    I think you should put pretty little liars on Netflix!!

  69. Dating Netflix | Cuties Live - 8:20 am, 09-11-2014:

    […] Series Season Release Guide for Netflix UK | Flixfilm – Series Season Release Guide for Netflix UK Date: 15/01/2014 | 58 comments. Netflix members often ask when new seasons of popular TV shows are to be released on Netflix, though answers are rare. […]

  70. Rachel P - 1:03 pm, 21-11-2014:

    Is Pretty Little Liars coming to Netflix UK & Ireland at all? I love that show and it’s hard to find in the UK…

  71. pete c - 5:36 pm, 04-01-2015:

    Why do we have to wait till late 2015 for white collar season 5. It was shown in u.s in 2013. Not good enough im afraid. Time to look elsewhere I think.

  72. fiona - 12:04 am, 05-02-2015:

    When will vampire diarys season six be aired on netflix x

  73. Name - 1:25 am, 18-09-2015:

    When is a new season of heart of Dixie going to be released.

  74. Nicola - 12:14 am, 23-09-2015:

    How long do I have to wait for season 4 of suits???????
    Not really happy with this service, may have to cancel soon as all I’m seeing is bad reviews.

  75. steven - 9:09 am, 12-10-2015:

    when will vampire diaries season 6 be released on netflix in uk?

  76. Kaz - 7:00 am, 07-11-2015:

    When will season 6 of vampire diaries be released for watching on Netflix. Looking at other posts and it says October 2015. Is a date been set yet.

  77. Alexa - 8:20 pm, 24-06-2016:

    Could Netflix bring out white collar season 6 out soon please

  78. Kat - 10:08 pm, 14-10-2016:

    When is the vampire diaries season 7 coming to Netflix in the UK?

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