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Allergy-prone Zick has the ability to see invisible monsters living among us, a handy talent to have when the creatures misbehave and need to be tamed.

A brave and noble 16th-century king rises above other contenders for the crown to become a patriotic hero and protect his kingdom from invaders.

On patrol in Afghanistan, a British paratrooper unit unwittingly ventures into a dry riverbed that turns out to be littered with land mines.

Legendary actress Isabella Rossellini acts out the mating habits of various animal species in this whimsical science series.

IMDB - 16/10Huntik

A high school student searching for his missing father joins a secret group known as the Seekers, who ally with aliens to protect the world from evil.

Shopping for a dress for her arranged marriage, a rich girl finds true love with a shopkeeper’s son. But her father won’t accept her change of heart.

A British research team’s mission in New Guinea becomes a nightmare when they’re abducted and become pawns of a band of freedom fighters.

As corrupt governments fail to stop the slaughter of elephants for ivory, an 80-year-old woman and a crew of rangers bravely try to end the poaching.

Sidestepping the familiar order of love, marriage and baby carriage, filmmaker Nina Davenport documents her journey to become a single mother at 41.

A martial arts master and former Marine heads to Brazil to track down the men who brutally attacked his sister and stumbles on a city ruled by yakuza.

IMDB - 16/10C.I.D

A team of dedicated men and women in the Crime Investigation Department will risk everything to solve Mumbai’s toughest, most complicated crimes.

When Lisa gets into a car accident on Christmas Eve, she finds herself in Toyland, a magical world plagued by an evil villain.

IMDB - 16/10Adaalat

Defense attorney KD Pathak is nearly unbeatable in the courtroom, but the sophisticated, unconventional lawyer ultimately places justice first.

Determined to escape her past, 18-year-old Angelina moves to San Francisco, where she becomes Cherry, an innocent-but-sexy adult film star.

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