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New releases on Netflix (week 28)

Date: 14/07/2014 | 5 comments

Not a lot of new additions this week. Biggest new release is the second season of Hemlock Grove, a Netflix original series. In total 9 new titles added to Netflix UK last week. You can find them all below:

Edward VIII’s Murderous Mistress
Hemlock Grove (Season 2)
Night Crossing
Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

Short Term 12
The Battered Bastards of Baseball
The Core

The Three Musketeers

5 comments for New releases on Netflix (week 28)

  1. stokesob - 8:50 pm, 14-07-2014:

    Seriously?u better buck ur ideas up else im not gonna use my mates password to watch ur shit anymore.sort it out.

  2. richard - 9:06 pm, 14-07-2014:

    When is season 3 of grimm being released

  3. Amanda Gerrie - 7:16 pm, 14-09-2014:

    When will season 3 of the grimm me coming on?

  4. Emma - 12:36 pm, 04-11-2014:

    When will Grimm season 3 be coming on

  5. Alexis - 12:00 am, 20-11-2014:

    When do we get Grimm season 3, SOA season 6, Weeds, Californication season 6-7, and Walking dead in UK? Their airing in US for months.

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