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New on Netflix UK – September 2014

Date: 02/09/2014 | 47 comments

Netflix has just released a list of some of the new titles (both films and TV shows) that will be added to Netflix UK in September 2014. The list is not complete, but include some of the most well-known releases for September. You might have heard about a few of them 😉


LEGO: Legends of Chima (02/09/14)
Already on Netflix now, this Cartoon Network series based on the LEGO Legends of Chima sets, can keep your kids calm for hours.

Skyfall (11/09/14)
One of the highest grossing films ever in the UK! Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, Skyfall will air on Netflix UK in 9 days from now.

Dom Hemingway (16/09/14)
Jude Law stars as safecracker Dom Hemingway. After spending 12 years in prison, he is now back on the streets of London to collect what he’s owed.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire (23/09/14)
After winning the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark become targets of the Capitol. From 2013, and rated 7,8 on IMDb!

Diana (25/09/14)
During the last two years of her life, Princess Diana embarks on a final rite of passage: a secret love affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.

Paranormal Activity 4 (26/09/14)
Fourth film in the American supernatural horror film franchise.

Pocahontas (27/09/14)
One of the very old classics of Disney, wins the heart of many Disney lovers.

Nymphomaniac: Volume I & II (30/09/14)
Lars Von Triers’ drama about a nymphomaniac. No further introduction needed.



Miranda Series 1 (03/09/14)
First season of the popular BBC comedy will be available on Netflix UK tomorrow.

Foyle’s War Series 8 (06/09/14)
Last latest season of the popular WWII drama.

Turbo FAST: Ep 16-20 (13/09/14)
A Netflix original cartoon, produced by Dream Networks. Highly popular kids show on Netflix.

Print The Legend (27/09/2014)
A 3D printing documentary.

47 comments for New on Netflix UK – September 2014

  1. Joe W - 10:14 am, 02-09-2014:

    Do you know if the blacklist, true blood (the series) or falling skies will come?

  2. admin - 10:30 am, 02-09-2014:

    We haven’t heard any news about these series yet, but will post as soon as we do.

  3. Alan - 11:22 am, 02-09-2014:

    Please get more top quality documentaries and more US series like the wire, true blood, sopranos and the walking dead

  4. Marc - 12:33 pm, 02-09-2014:

    Will the host be coming to Netflix uk

  5. admin - 12:36 pm, 02-09-2014:

    Marc – Likely, but we haven’t heard anything in regards to a release date yet

  6. Robert Graham - 3:18 pm, 02-09-2014:

    While I have been enjoying the TV shows, House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black being my favourites, I can’t help feeling the films are a bit lacking. Some more up to date titles could help a lot.

  7. stuart orr - 4:28 pm, 02-09-2014:

    Some more will ferell movies would be better

  8. Any news on when Finge Season 5 will be arriving on Netflix? - 8:44 am, 03-09-2014:

    Any news on when Finge Season 5 will be arriving on Netflix?

  9. Iain - 9:16 am, 03-09-2014:

    What about series 6 and 7 of Californication?

  10. Ben - 4:57 am, 06-09-2014:

    Have you heard about Blackhawk down?

  11. admin - 5:00 am, 06-09-2014:

    Alan – True Blood will be out in November

  12. Steve jones - 9:19 pm, 09-09-2014:

    Would you put an A-Z menu to make it easier to search for films?

  13. Danielle piercey - 2:45 am, 12-09-2014:

    When will fringe season 5, good wife season 5 and season 9 of criminal minds be available?

  14. Furball - 4:31 pm, 13-09-2014:

    When will 3rd season of American Horror story be on Netflix UK? Also please please can you put a A to Z index of all films as very hard to find anything with current format as it makes look like those shown are the only ones available to watch and I find the search a tad annoying specially if you don’t know what you want to watch in the first place think it needs to be a bit more user friendly thank you

  15. Ally - 6:03 pm, 14-09-2014:

    Any word on when Orphan Black series 2 and 3 shall be up on Netflix? Cheers

  16. patrick barrett - 1:16 am, 18-09-2014:

    Any idea if we’re going to get Criminal Minds?

  17. Manmeet - 4:17 pm, 18-09-2014:

    Will supernatural and the walking dead be added?

  18. Linds - 10:57 pm, 19-09-2014:

    Can I watch the blacklist series 1 on Netflix?

  19. Gavin Travers - 9:19 am, 20-09-2014:

    Will Smallville and Eureka be added to netflix?

  20. hollie - 10:46 am, 24-09-2014:

    when is supernatural coming to netflix im literally chomping at my hands waiting for it its in us netflix need it to come to uk netflix please release a date please please please!!!

  21. Belle. - 7:01 pm, 26-09-2014:

    Is there any way to guarantee Supernatural returning to Netflix UK? What would need to be done to make that happen?

  22. Petrina - 9:52 am, 27-09-2014:

    Will Supernatural be coming to the UK Netflix as well as the US one?

  23. Petrina - 9:53 am, 27-09-2014:

    Will Supernatural be coming to the UK Netflix?

  24. Susan - 11:06 am, 27-09-2014:

    Any news on when uk will get vampire diaries season 5 onwards and gilmore girls? Would love to see one tree hill and some old nickelodeon shows like sister sister and sabrina teenage witch on netflix too ☺️

  25. toni - 12:42 pm, 27-09-2014:

    Keep reading that the blacklist is on netflix but cannot find it

  26. Orla - 6:26 pm, 28-09-2014:

    Do you have any idea when The Blacklist series one is due to be streamed?

  27. Meme - 9:24 pm, 01-10-2014:

    Supernatural. When when when. Tell me tell me tell me please. Thank you

  28. Lee - 10:48 pm, 03-10-2014:

    when is Supernatural season 9 coming to Netflix uk???????????

  29. Dave - 2:23 pm, 06-10-2014:

    Is Supernatural coming to Netflix UK?

  30. victoria - 6:23 pm, 06-10-2014:

    When is supernatural season 9 coming to Netflix?

  31. Gillian - 11:34 am, 09-10-2014:

    please tell us if supernatural season 9 will be on Netflix uk at any time soon, they left season 8 on a cliffhanger and then dropped the programme over here, so unfair!!

  32. mick - 12:34 pm, 09-10-2014:

    please can you tell us when supernatural is coming to netflix uk?

  33. Bod - 11:19 am, 10-10-2014:

    Yeah I could do with supernatural on here please

  34. clare O'Neil - 10:11 pm, 12-10-2014:

    Can Netflix please make searching for films and shows easier. It always gives suggestions because you’ve watched something and it’s not user friendly. A to Z list would be much better. And when is season 5 of fringe going to be on Netflix

  35. Jazmin - 11:01 pm, 15-10-2014:

    Are you going to put supernatural on netflix??

  36. sophie - 4:38 pm, 19-10-2014:

    Please put supernatural on netflix in the UK !!

  37. Lauren - 9:36 pm, 19-10-2014:

    please put supernatural on Netflix in the UK!!

  38. Jill - 10:17 pm, 20-10-2014:

    When Will orphan black season 2 be on netflix?

  39. Terri - 10:27 pm, 20-10-2014:

    Another supernatural request in need of season 9 please

  40. Fiona - 11:55 pm, 21-10-2014:

    Please put supernatural on Netflix uk!!!!!

  41. Ellen - 12:04 pm, 22-10-2014:

    Fringe season 5, when is this series coming on Netflix? thnx

  42. Simon - 1:18 pm, 22-10-2014:

    Come on Admin!!!
    Please answer everyones comments re Supernatural Season 9. Is it coming to the UK soon??!!

  43. Debbie - 6:41 pm, 22-10-2014:

    when is The good wife season 5 coming to netflix uk??

  44. Stephanie - 12:58 pm, 23-10-2014:

    Please give us some information on Supernatural – we are a season behind in the UK and surely some UK broadcaster must pick it up!!! We can’t even get the DVD which is so unfair – do the UK fans mean nothing?

  45. Stefano - 4:26 pm, 24-10-2014:

    When is season 6 fringe coming to the UK? Thanks.

  46. Jan - 12:25 am, 09-11-2014:

    I joined Netflix for The Blacklist and it isn’t on here. I thought you were streaming it?

  47. jon - 8:33 pm, 27-11-2014:

    me too. where’s the blacklist ????

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