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New feature: Make personal recommendations

Date: 04/09/2014 | No comments

netflixNeflix recently implemented a new feature on their streaming service that makes it easy and fast to recommend films and shows to your friends on Facebook. See the video in the bottom of the post to see a presentation of the new feature.

With the new Netflix feature, you will automatically see a notification after each show or film, asking if you want to recommend this to a friend. If you accept, a recommendation area will appear, where you can select those of your Facebook friends you believe would like to watch it. Your friends can then see your recommendation the next time they login to Netflix UK.

To use it, Netflix naturally require you to connect your Facebook account to their service. If you recommend a film or TV show to a friend that hasn’t connected their Facebook with Netflix, they will simply see the recommendation in their Facebook inbox, instead of in Netflix itself.

It is also possible to send a one-to-one recommendation to a friend while you browse the Netflix catalogue.

Netflix has underlined, that the feature will never automatically post anything on your Facebook news-feed, so you should have no concerns connecting the two services, without worrying it will automatically post everything you watch.

See how the new features works below:

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