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Netflix launches cheaper membership, without HD

Date: 09/05/2014 | 1 comment

New Netflix planStreaming service Netflix have previously been testing cheaper memberships as an alternative for its normal membership, and with todays 1 GBP increase on the normal membership Netflix also officially launches a cheaper plan.

The new membership is £5.99 per month, but only allows you to watch Netflix on 1 screen at a time – and not in HD. The membership plan is perfect for those who only view Netflix on e.g. the iPad, iPhone or any other handheld device that does not need HD.

If you are interested in the new plan, you can go to Netflix.co.uk and order it. If you are an existing customer, it is also possible to downgrade your plan. It does not cost anything to change your Netflix membership.

Netflix also lowered their price on the larger plan, which gives access to view Netflix on up to 4 devices at the same time – and in HD. It was £9.99 before, but it now  £8.99. Existing customers does not need to do anything to get the discounted price.

The most popular plan with Netflix is the “normal”  £6.99 per month. This allows 2 devices to view in HD simultaneously.

1 comment for Netflix launches cheaper membership, without HD

  1. Dorothy - 4:21 am, 03-04-2015:

    Were you using a gmail address or yahoo or msn or which one? Some peploe have reported that they are not receiving emails at hotmail for some reason. If there is another service that is having trouble then I need to see what is going on. Also check your junk / anti-spam folders.

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