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Netflix FAQ

Date: 12/01/2014 | 1 comment

Netflix FAQNetflix has been available in the UK for some time now, though subscribers keep asking them the same questions. Here we try to answer the most frequently asked questions on the official Netflix UK Facebook page. If you have a question, you are most welcome to post a comment below.

Note: Flixfilm is not associated with Netflix, so we cannot answer questions on specific titles and when they will be released on Netflix.


What is the difference between the sections called “New Releases” and “Recently Added”?
In “New Releases” you find titles that has recently been released on DVD or streaming services. In “Recently Added” you find older titles, which have been available on the market for a long time, but Netflix recently added to its catalogue of films and shows.

How often is new content added to Netflix?
Netflix usually adds new content every day, though there is no official statement from Netflix regarding how much- or how often new films and shows are added. Some weeks we see 50 new films, others it is 5. On Flixfilm.co.uk you can easily monitor the daily releases on Netflix UK.

Does content disappears from Netflix?
Yes. As rights Netflix negotiates are different for all individual films and shows, why titles are removed continuously. Usually Netflix holds the rights for several years, but sometimes it is only for months. Netflix does not publically announce the length of its licences.

Why are there only old films on Netflix?
The original concept of Netflix is to make a lot of content available, why their catalogue is broad and large. They would surely like including the newest releases, but the licensing costs for these are probably too high.

Can you pay extra for access to newer films?
No. The Netflix concept is simple: pay a low monthly fee for access to thousands of films and TV shows.

Why is the latest season of my favourite show missing from Netflix?
This is a question of rights. Usually it takes between 6-12 months from a show is released on DVD, till it is available on Netflix.


Flixfilm is not associated with Netflix, why the answers are not definite. If you have a question yourself, please post it below.

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  1. chris - 7:42 am, 28-10-2014:

    Are Netflix thinking about adding a 3D section to their collection?

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