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Netflix and Mattel partner up to launch new “Ever After High” animated series and movie

Date: 23/06/2014 | No comments

Ever After High Netflix UKNetflix recently announced that next year they will be launching a new kids animated series based on the toy makers franchise “Ever After High”. The series, comprising 12 episodes will be preceded by a new movie “Ever After High: Spring Unsprung”, which is scheduled for release in all Netflix territories in early 2015.

The “Ever After High” story line (based on the toy line, created by Mattel), centres around the lives of the teenage children of famous fairy tale characters. In order to keep their stories alive, for themselves and future generations, the children must follow in their parent’s footsteps. Should they be unable to do so their stories and the characters will disappear forever.

The world of “Ever After High” is filled with wondrous characters such as:

  • Apple White, daughter of Snow White
  • Raven Queen – the daughter of that social misfit the Evil Queen
  • Briar Beauty (offspring of Sleeping Beauty)
  • And the daughter of the Mad Hatter, Madeline Hatter

These and more quirky characters will bring a wonderland of exciting twists and turns for kids to enjoy as the schools’ two groups the “royals” and the “rebels” confront each other to determine whether to follow their destiny or to determine their own.

According to Mattel’s Michael Riley (VP Franchise Development and Content Distribution), Netflix is “the prefect home for developing and expanding the already enchanting world of Ever After High”. A world which has already inspired various consumable products, webisodes (already available on Netflix and EverAfterHigh.com), books, a music video, fashion dolls and more.

The addition of the movie and series will further expand Netflix’s already substantial kidvid library as explained by Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos:

“The engaging and magical storylines of Ever After High make it a great addition to our growing slate of original kids’ programming. Mattel has a track record of making high-quality animated programs, and we’re excited to extend our relationship, bringing our members the enchanting world of Ever After High”.

A story of courage and finding one’s own path, “Ever After High” is a new story for kids everywhere to enjoy.

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