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Netflix: In 5 years all have 4K Ultra HD

Date: 07/05/2014 | No comments

4K Ultra HDNetflix has now officially launched 4K Ultra HD content on its streaming service. Though Netflix doesn’t expect that Ultra HD will be become mainstream before 2019. At that time Netflix expects all TVs being sold to support the new format, why you should not expect that the selection of 4K titles are staggering.

So far there are only a few titles and shows in 4K Ultra HD on Netflix UK, as e.g. the second season of House of Cards. Later this year we expect Breaking Bad to be available in 4K, and other Netflix Originals as Orange Is The New Black and Hemlock Grove will likely follow.

To watch Netflix in the new ultra high definition, Netflix recommends you have an internet connection speed of at least 20 mb/s. Next to this, also that you have a Samsung, Sony, LG or Vizio TV, who has the technology to show 4K Ultra HD.

Analysts expect that about 1 million TVs that can show 4K Ultra HD will be sold this year, but this will naturally increase a lot over the coming years.

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