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Navigation grid to be replaced by personalized recommendations

Date: 05/06/2014 | No comments

NetflixThe Chief Product Officer of Netflix, Neil Hunt, recently released a statement that the world famous online video streaming service is likely to outgrow its current navigation grid. The navigation grid is one of the most popular discerning features of Netflix, and provides access to a number of different TV shows and movies that are featured on the online streaming service.

In a public statement, Neil Hunt stated that the company’s vision is one in which these navigational tiles will be replaced and all of the titles will no longer be shown on the main screen. Hunt was speaking at a keynote talk that was held by the company at the Internet Week in New York City.

Replacing the navigational grid would be a personalized list of recommendations based upon your own preferences. Hunt was quick to state that it was virtually ‘unrealistic’ that you would just turn on the service and it will start playing the perfect choice, mainly because people aren’t in the same mood for watching a similar kind of program at all times. He did state that presenting people with a choice of options was a very realistic possibility that the company was exploring.

Hunt also made a number of other statements, all of which were regarding the future of the company. One important thing that needs to be noted is the fact that Netflix is increasingly viewed by people as a direct competitor to HBO. However, Hunt stated that in the near future, the company will not have ‘any more channels’. He stated that rather than introducing different channels, the company will use the internet’s capabilities in order to build a ‘different channel’ for everyone based upon their preferences. Hunt’s vision is highly acceptable, and it remains to be seen whether the company will implement it or not.

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