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How to find all movies and shows on Netflix UK

Date: 16/01/2014 | No comments

all movies and shows on netflix ukNo matter what device (PC, PlayStation, Apple TV etc.) you use Netflix from, the main browsing is done through their predefined categories that contains films and shows Netflix believes is of interest for you. Though these list far from all the content available to you on Netflix. Below you find a short guide to view the full list of all content available on Netflix UK.

1. Login to Netflix

2. Navigate to http://movies.netflix.com/Subtitles?vt=tl

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and continue to do so until it stops loading more movies

When you reach the end of the list, you will have a page with the complete list of movies and series available for you to stream instantly on Netflix. As writing this article, the list contains +1500 titles.

If there is nothing new for you, you can consider using Unblock US to access the Netflix US catalogue on any device you have. This currently contains more than 10000 titles, why it is a lot larger than Netflix UK.

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