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House of Cards season 3 casting call means premiere to be likely in 2015

Date: 11/06/2014 | No comments

House of CardsHouse of Cards, one of the most acclaimed series at present, is the crown jewel for Netflix. When the show was first released, it followed a completely different ideology as compared to standard shows. Whereas standard shows were aired primarily on a weekly basis episode by episode, Netflix released the whole season in one go for its users. House of Cards earned a huge amount of acclaim and established Kevin Spacey as one of the legends of acting. The season 2 was released this year, amid a lot of anticipation, and did not disappoint. The cast returned and provided a stellar performance all around, giving the show the much needed boost that it required.

Now, it looks like the third season of Houes of Cards is likely to be premiered in 2015, especially if we believe preproduction news or the casting calls. Preproduction has already begun in Maryland, while Netflix continues to send out casting calls for prospective actors. The casting calls teased a new ‘NSA’ director, while two new reporters were also touted. However, another casting call was just aired, this time focusing on extras, in Bel Air, Maryland. This is an open casting call, and anybody can go ahead and sign up for it. The casting call asks people to showcase their ‘DC political look to the best of their capabilities. The House of Cards Casting Call shows that the show is likely to start filming soon enough, and ultimately will air in 2015. Another important indicator is the Twitter account of Beau Willimon, who is the creator of the show itself. He recently sent out a tweet stating that the preproduction for the show had already begun and it was likely to proceed at a brisk pace very soon.

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