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Are we too British to be Spoilers?

Date: 25/09/2014 | 1 comment

spoilerA recent study commissioned  by Netflix shows that only 4% of Brits believe that it is ok to spoil programmes for others, while 76% of Americans say they are a fact of life.

Along with the growing popularity of streaming, spoilers are becoming a way of life, but apparently  it is a trend we are trying to avoid in Britain. Less than a quarter of us Brits actually consider spoilers a fact of life. The study reveals that 82% of Brits say they have never cheated and watched ahead on a series they promised to view with a friend. And if they do, 58% of Brits admit they feel guilty after spoiling a major plot twist.

To understand why people spoil shows, Netflix and cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken went into the living room of Netflix viewers across the UK and US. In the UK, McCracken found three stages to spoiling:

Stage 1: Contained & Coded. Here most people take care to try not to spoil, this is where the majority of Brits are.
Stage 2: Share Aware. Where the emphasis shifts to the ‘spoilee’ to protect themselves in order to avoid spoilers by sidestepping social media.”
Stage 3: Uncensored Spoiling. Here spoiling is a way of life, with social media functioning as the rumour mill. Its been seen with Orange is The New Black and House of Cards.

If you feel like watching some spoilers, have a look at this link, which exposes you to loads of spoilers, shortcutting to crucial moments in films and TV shows.

So, how do you feel?

1 comment for Are we too British to be Spoilers?

  1. Carlee - 6:07 am, 09-06-2017:

    That’s a cunning answer to a cheailnglng question

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